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Skamp Industries has recently made several important improvements to the GT3000A towing tractor.

Please scroll down to view the list of recent updates and improvements.

For replacements parts and pricing for the GT3000A, please visit our parts department.



 Drum brakes have been replaced by power assisted disk brakes.


These brakes use a 15 pound rotor and high temperature (900 degrees) molded pads for fade free performance.  The calipers include self adjusting parking brake actuators to eliminate the requirement for the operator to adjust the parking brakes.
In addition, a switch has been added to the parking brake lever so that the tractor cannot be driven with the brake applied (the engine will not go off idle if the parking brake is applied while the transmission is in gear).
A parking brake lever return spring assures that the lever returns all the way to “off” every time, all the time.
New Instrument Panel
The new removable instrument panel tips the gauges up for improved visibility and improves serviceability.

Industrial Air Cleaner
The hat type automotive air cleaner has been replaced with an industrial  dual element cartridge type air cleaner. This really cleans up the engine compartment and improves access to the engine and fuel system.


Also, it permits emptying of the dust cup in severe dusty conditions.
Throttle Body
The throttle body under the carburetor has been eliminated: this change prevents flooding on gasoline tractors and prevents operators from bypassing the governor.
New Governor Actuator
The separate electronic governor actuator and linkage has been replaced with a new system, which connects directly to the carburetor throttle shaft.
In addition, the LPG carburetor has been replaced with a side inlet unit, permitting direct connection to the air cleaner.

Aluminized heavier muffler and pipes
These changes increase exhaust system life and eliminate the need to remove the muffler when removing the drive axle assembly.


New Rear Spring and Spring Mount:

Improvements include:
  1. Higher capacity leaf spring
  2. New mounting pad welded to frame: heavy plate replaces tapped block eliminating the risk of a twisted off bolt
  3. A heavy clamp plate replaces the two clamping bars
  4. 1/2 inch bolts replace 3/8 inch capscrews
  5. A spring pad has been added to the axle assembly to reduce loads on the end of the spring
Torque brace on drive axle
To prevent axle housing damage from severe braking situations, a brace has been installed on the axle housing to transfer braking torque to the axle carrier (parts are available for field retrofit).                      

Vented rear wheels
Large openings have been added to the rear wheel disk to provide ventilation to the brakes.  Tests show that this change reduces brake temperatures by over 300 degrees, preventing heat damage to the brakes.
Heavier drive axles
The 28 tooth spline drive axles have been replaced with larger diameter  31 tooth spline axles (using a new high strength heat treated forging) for a 100 % increase in strength.

Saginaw steering gear
This power boosted roller sector gear eliminates a steering cylinder, hoses, filter and the need to bleed the steering system. The current version of the gear almost eliminates steering effort.
Transmission shift lock
This device prevents power shifting through neutral from reverse to forward to prevent transmission damage due to “horseplay”.
Parking brake/Transmission interlock
A switch on the parking brake prevents driving the tractor with the parking brake applied  to reduce wear on the brakes. If the operator attempts to drive the tractor with the parking brake engaged, the engine will not run above idle.
One piece galvanized thick wall transmission cooler lines
These reduce leakage and corrosion damage.
Power steering pressure hoses
Power steering pressure hoses have been replaced with a galvanized steel line.  This cleans up clutter on top of the engine and eliminates hose failures.
Power steering pump mount revised
The new mounting eliminates the belt idler: this increase belt life by over 300%.
Dynamometer testing
Every tractor shipped since January, 1996 has been tested for drawbar pull and travel speeds on a chassis dynamometer up to 3500 pounds of drawbar pull.
This assures that problems such as leaks, overheating, and lack of performance are discovered and solved before the customer receives the tractor.
Effect of improvements
GT 3000A tractors manufactured with these improvements have been operating in severe applications with significantly less down time and reduced operating costs.





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